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Seftonite / Bloodstone Bracelet

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These South African Bloodstone bracelets also called Seftonite, feature a natural mixture of deep-green chalcedony, quartz, red jasper and flecked pyrite.

If you're ever feeling meek or tired, bloodstone is known for imparting strength and tenacity. It encourages us move forward, with resilience and determination

Available in 8mm & 10mm beads - perfect for mixing and matching and stacking!

18.5 cm diameter

You will receive a bracelet similar to the style and size shown in the photos.

We do our best to accurately showcase the specimen you receive. Please note, there may be slight color discrepancies, based on monitor calibration, lighting conditions etc.

Our crystals and crystal grids are for entertainment purposes only. Each user's experiences are subject to their personal interpretations. This information does not constitute medical, psychological, business, or financial advice. Each customer is responsible for themselves.