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K2 Palmstones (Madagascar)

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K2 Jasper is from Pakistan and features blue azurite orbs within white granite. It is found near the base of the secind highest mountain in the world, in a very remote area visited by very few people.

The energy of K2 Jasper opens one's consciousness to receive guidance from the higher dimensions which enables one to make decisions in one's highest good. The granite matrix acts to ground the higher energies so that one's thoughts can manifest in the third dimension.

You will receive the exact palmstone chosen.

We do our best to accurately showcase the specimen you receive. Please note, there may be slight color discrepancies, based on monitor calibration, lighting conditions etc.

Our crystals and crystal grids are for entertainment purposes only. Each user's experiences are subject to their personal interpretations. This information does not constitute medical, psychological, business, or financial advice. Each customer is responsible for themselves.