Octagon Star on Fir - Turquoise, Gold & White
Hand Painted

Octagon Star on Fir - Turquoise, Gold & White

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Sacred Geometry: Symbolic of success and nourishment. Embodies the phases of the moon, the four cardinal directions and the two solstices and equinoxes each year. This grid represents personal power, self-confidence, inner-strength, success, manifesting abundance and prosperity.

Plant Magic: Fir is a tree representing abundance, rebirth and regeneration, and is useful in shadow work.

This 5 inch crystal grid has been entirely designed and burned by hand on a slice of raw edge Fir wood.

All crystal grids come with a guide to get your started.

*All of our wood slices are ethically sourced from naturally fallen trees.

** Please note, raw edge products can not be shipped to Australia/New Zealand.

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