Wildcrafted Poplar Grid - Seed of Life with Hexagram
Laser Etched Crystal Grid

Wildcrafted Poplar Grid - Seed of Life with Hexagram

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Created with wildcrafted Albertan poplar, each slice has been treated so as to not crack, (within reason) and is left unsealed so that the crystals and the wood are able to connect.

The magic of the poplar tree begins with it's extremely strong roots. This creates a deeply grounding, stable and resilient energy that makes a wonderful base for manifesting.

Poplar energies are strongly linked with abundance of all kinds and the ability to overcome blockages. Working with poplar in conjunction with your intention and crystals is extremely powerful.

Approximately 8 - 10 inches in diameter

Please note, these grids can only be shipped withing North America - we have multiples of each style - all on the same wood and diameter. Yours will be chosen intuitively.

About the design:

Symbolic for new beginnings and change. A wonderful grid for the basics of all intentions. The 6 points of the Hexagram represent: reconciliation, intellectual creativity, imagination, union, love, perfection and connects above and below.


Crystal Grids are etched onto wood panels. Please keep in mind that no two grids are alike. These panels are made of birch and have varying characteristics such as rings, knots, inserts and etc.

Disclaimer: Our crystals and crystal grids are for entertainment purposes only. Each user's experiences are subject to their personal interpretations. This information does not constitute medical, psychological, business, or financial advice. Each customer is responsible for themselves.

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