Hand Painted Octagon Star on Willow - Teal & Silver
Hand Burned

Hand Painted Octagon Star on Willow - Teal & Silver

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Sacred Geometry: Symbolic of success and nourishment. Embodies the phases of the moon, the four cardinal directions and the two solstices and equinoxes each year. This grid represents personal power, self-confidence, inner-strength, success, manifesting abundance and prosperity.

Plant Magic: Willow is a deeply feminine tree, representing water, the moon, and intuition. Known as the tree of dreaming and enchantment, willow connects us to our deepest emotions, healing and releasing tensions in your life.

This 4.5 inch crystal grid has been entirely designed and burned by hand on a slice of raw edge Willow wood.

*All of our wood slices are ethically sourced from naturally fallen trees.

** Please note, raw edge products can not be shipped to Australia/New Zealand.

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